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shamisens and paper planes

It was indeed a Japanese fiesta last February 26-27 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.  The weekend event was filled with interesting Nihongo activities, Japanese music and of course, paper planes.

Kim Hernandez, 1st Prize Student Division and Speech Contest Grand Prize

Louie Severo, 1st Prize Non Student Division and Outstanding Performance Award

The participants, winners and judges

QC High School

the winning schools

Day 1 of the 2011 Nihongo Fiesta was capped off with a one-hour concert of the Seshami Street Boys.  The duo presented their Japanese street style performance using the shamisen.  Pierre Ono and Torami Yasuto performed a series of musical numbers like a traditional Japanese song, their original composition, Freddie Aguilar’s song Anak, Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and the theme from Voltes V which made the crowd go wild.

Torami Yasuto

Pierre Ono

Torami singing Voltes V

The Seshami Street Boys

They were a delight to watch.  Not only did they play the instrument very well, they even added comedy in their performance… they even used a plastic doll to show that they can use ANYTHING as bachi. What really delighted the audience was that they boys were game in having their photos taken.  Everybody had a blast that night and that included the whole mall.

Torami using a doll for a bachi

The last day of the 2011 NF was literally filled with paper planes in all shapes and sizes.  The Paper Plane Workshop of Mr. Yoshinori Nishihara at the Grand Atrium attracted a lot of families and individuals (who happen to be at the mall that day) to attend.  Participants as young as 4 years old were taught 3 paper planes designs by Mr. Nishihara.

JFM staffs practicing their folding techniques

Mr. Yoshinori Nishihara

one of the youngest participant with his mom

the participants

The workshops became a family event with parents helping out their kids fold their paper planes.

Precious & Rickee making their planes

Colet, Millet and Nolo

JFM Asst. Director Yukie Mitomi teaching a young participant

The workshop participants

Although some of the participants felt that the workshop was too short (and a little too fast), everyone went home with happy, especially the young participants (and some “older ones”) who all received the paper hats made by Mr. Nishihra. 🙂


Paper hats from Mr. Nishihara

JFM Director Mr. Shuji Takatori and staff with their hats

The 2011 Nihongo Fiesta officially ends fiscal year 2010-2011 and what a way to end it. 🙂  The events attracted not only our regular audience but also enticed a lot of the mall goers to come and participate.  It was participated in by kids and adults alike and have created a great interest and appreciation to the Japanese culture and arts.

To everyone who attended, listened, got our fliers, stopped and looked at our event, domo arigatou!  Personal thanks to Louise (for the photos), Frances for being our Stage Manager and Direct Dub for the fantastic lights and sounds.

* As of this writing, I was informed by my 2 friends who brought their kids to the  workshop that their kids are still making paper planes. 🙂



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