silent film and music

I don’t really go to cinemas to watch movies.  I would watch a movie on the big screen if it’s something I really like (i.e. Star Wars, Harry Potter) but most of the time I would just wait for it on cable or dvd.   But I could not pass up the opportunity to watch the 4th International Silent Film Festival (plus it was an office project).

There is something romantic and wonderful about the whole idea of live music accompanying silent film.  The first few notes already setting the mood of the film, making you excited or frightened…the musicians changing the tempo, speeding it up when the protagonist is being chased… or making the beat slower and dreamy when the scene involves two lovers meeting secretly.  The first time I attended the Silent Film Festival, I was amazed at how the music (by Kalayo) captured the emotions of the actors and the feel of the whole movie, it was as if I was brought back to the 1920’s (minus the comfy seats and aircon of course).

I’m glad I decided to watch this year’s festival (not just because it was an office event).  And just like last year, the films transported me back to another era wherein silent films and music go well together.


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