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Nihongo Mondo at MOA in February

The office is now steaming ahead with preparations for the annual Nihongo Fiesta to be held at the SM Mall of Asia on Saturday, February 27.  It’s all things Japan with the good Pinoy stuff blended in.

It’s been meetings left and right, negotiations, a lot of please-s and more thank-yous. It’s energizing to be working with dependable partners and newfound allies. I hope that it will be a smooth run to the finish line.

Let me tell you about this year’s Nihongo Fiesta, which by the way, wouldn’t be possible without SM’s generous support.

When the SM Mall of Asia opens on February 27, Saturday, we hope to see you there bright and early because we’ll be having the 37th Nihongo Speech Contest, as the first offering of the Nihongo Fiesta, at the Cinema 2. Hear Filipino Nihongo learners deliver their speeches in Japanese and see if you can guess what they are talking about.

I once was able to observe the contest and some of the speeches really get dramatic. Nothing like a heartfelt story to tug on the judges’ hearts… but then, what is nerve-wracking is the question and answer portion. You know how it is. Answering questions during contests are precarious — and this is in English or Filipino. What more if it is in Nihongo?! Ayayay.

The 2nd Nihongo Quiz Bee for High School Student follow right after the speech contest. Nihongo learners should find this activity fun and educational.

The awarding of the winners of the Nihongo Speech Contest and Quiz Bee will be done at the Main Mall Atrium of the SM Mall of Asia. It’s a big deal because two winners of the speech contest will be given an all-expense paid trip ticket to Japan. The Quiz Bee winners will be awarded trophies and medals.

Still another contest will be awarded at this time — the Street Fashion Contest. We’ll be posting the details on how to join this contest but basically this activity involves all the SM MOA mall-goers. Cosplayers usually come by to our events in their finery, but in this occasion we hope to showcase street fashion — curb allusions to Naruto or any manga character, okay? We’re still refining the criteria and process of this contest but we’ll announce it very soon! Just expect the prices to be sugoi. 😉

The Street Fashion Contest is a complementary activity to the Japanese-Filipino Street Fashion Exhibition, which will feature photos from the Japan Fashion Association (for the Japanese sets) and Cecile Zamora van Straten and Jujiin Samonte (for all the Filipino and some Tokyo sets), curated by Team Manila! Pangalan pa lang, exciting na! Expect a dynamic exhibit on  Japanese and Manila Youth culture and lifestyle.

The cherry in the sundae, which is the Nihongo Fiesta, is the J-Rock Concert featuring Shonen Knife and Pedicab.

Shonen Knife is a rock phenomenon that has inspired many all-girl rock bands — I remember hearing their rendition of a Carpenters song and bobbing my head furiously, headbang I think it was called during that time… hehehe. And with Pedicab sharing the stage with them, it’s bound to be fun. Would they play together? You got to be there to find out. Ika nga, see and hear (in person) to appreciate 🙂

Ahhh… my bones… get ready.


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Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

from -Poison Girl-

It’s not too late to greet everyone a happy new year, no? Well then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 There’s cause for excitement in 2010, with a lot of energy carried over from last year.  Amidst the flurry of activities of October, we were unable to thank the Komikon for the ComicAid Award they gave the Japan Foundation, Manila, citing the office for the support it has given the Philippine comic industry. Thank you Komikon!!!

 And as 2009 winded up, we were surprised with another citation, this time coming from the HQ: the JF President’s Special Award for the Mobile Manga Library. The award is presented to the office which draws up and carries out a new creative and innovative project. The Mobile Manga Library was noted to be a creative, efficient and effective means to promote J-Pop culture.

We hope we can have more and newer manga titles soon! We keep our readers’ title recommendations, and who knows, they just might be on the shelves anytime soon. Here’s to finally completing Nana and Nodame Cantabile. Things are certainly looking up!

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