A Breather or What Happened After the Last Post

The past weeks have been very busy — one project after another. Not really a neat beginning and end, but more like an overlapping of sorts. It was crazy tiring but it was worth it.

Our last post was about Japanese contemporary dancer Maki Morishita’s participation at the 4th WiFi Body Festival at the CCP just as she was about to arrive.  We met her finally on the day of her workshop at the CCP, a day after she arrived. Maki is an energetic, playful, and creative artist who charmed 25 young dancers into her special brand of contemporary dance.

Maki Morishita

Maki Morishita

She went through some “loosening” exercises, which eventually graduated into improvisation pieces. The CCP main lobby was full of life as the young (most of them 14-16 years old) gamely tumbled, stretched and ran through the CCP’s hallways.

Holding poses

Holding poses

Exercises in relaxation

Exercises in relaxation

Break Time

Break Time

The workshop ended with the students performing their self-introductions, with Maki following them.
Dancing the Self
Maki Morishita 038
After her short showcase, everybody was very interested to see her performance. Maybe more interested and excited was the Filipino dancer she will be collaborating with, Rhosam Prudenciado.
Maki and Sam by the Bay

Maki and Sam by the Bay

 We still would have to receive the photos from their July 2 performance, but for now you would have to rely on my review that their performance was a whimsical, wonderful and uplifting collaboration. Maki first performed her solo, “Debutante”, a piece brodering between dance and drama; followed by Maki and Sam’s engaging piece.  It was a light piece which not only showcased their skills but also their personalities; providing a nice foil for the more “serious” pieces in the program (the mambubukid dance and the piece danced to Bach’s Air on G String were my favorites!).

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