Dance Dance Dance


Maki Morishita, "debutante"


Dance is a wonderful thing — like, poetry in motion. Some are quite straightforward, while some are abstract. Contemporary dance leans toward the latter form, crossing the boundaries of dance, as most of us know it (ballet, chacha, folk — a set of dance steps), and performance art, which for me has meant public action with a strong statement.

The Japan Foundation, Manila is participating once again in this year’s WiFi Body Festival, the fourth year of the annual contemporary dance festival initiated by Myra Beltran, Paul Morales and their other partners in the Contemporary Dance Network Philippines. 

It has been nice to have witnessed the development of the festival from the time it started until its present programming. While building an audience for contemporary dance in the Philippines must still be an ongoing concern, the organizers of this festival should take pride in the talent that they have consistently featured and nurtured throughout the years.

This year, the Japan Foundation, Manila and the Embassy of Japan invited Maki Morishita, a Japanese dancer-choreographer,  to perform in the Festival. Needless to say, it will be a special performance on July 2, Thursday, 8PM at the CCP Little Theater. Not only will her performance be a new collaboration with Filipino dancer-choreographer Rhosam Prudenciado, Jr. (Grand Prize winner of the prestigious contemporary dance competition in Yokohama), it is also a one-night only affair, and an arts offering commemorating Philippines-Japan Friendship Month in July.

Scheduling conflicts aside (the JFM’s Eiga Sai also opens on the same day, almost the same time, at the Shangri-La Mall cinemas), we really hope that many people come and watch Maki Morishita and the BP II alumni. The artists will be seen live; in their strong, “fighting” forms —  the embodiment of Philippine and Japanese talent at their best.

The JFM is giving away (a limited number of) tickets to Ms. Morishita’s July 2 performance. So call 811-6155 to 58 now for these FREE tickets!


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  1. David Marriott

    I just saw her at the Little Theater. What a fantastic performance, truly wonderful!

    I noticed that the performance was being filmed. Do you happen to know if it is possible to buy a copy of the video? I’d love to watch this dance again – and indeed the rest of tonight’s show.

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