English Manga: Get it Fresh at the JFM Library

Picture 002

And these are not the yellow nor green ones from the tree. The manga I mean are Japanese comic books. All fresh and covered with plastic!

I came upon reading manga really late (as in only-this-year-in-all-my-living-years-late), as most of  my comic reading materials were American in orientation — MAD, Archie, even Heavy Metal. One really big factor in that is the fact that most of the manga (at least in my reach) were in Japanese. And despite learning elementary Japanese, this wasn’t enough for me to read, let alone fully comprehend Japanese yet. Try as I might, even with a voluminous Japanese-English dictionary on hand, I get exhausted after 30 minutes of checking/re-checking text covering all but 2 pages. I revert back to just looking at the pictures, and it really is a pity because manga is not just about the drawings, it is the story.

young manga enthusiasts "pretending" to read Japanese text manga
young manga enthusiasts “pretending” to read Japanese text manga

 An interesting gateway to manga for me was “Nodame Cantabile” as I was getting into the mood for an upcoming classical music project. It was a nice read providing useful information and insight on the dynamics of the players in the classical music industry. I simultaneously read “Nana” and enjoyed the intrigue-filled rock and roll life of the two lead characters both named Nana. After going through the two manga series in two weeks (some people might think that’s too slow… but I do have a full time job 😉 ), I can understand how fans would like to see their well-loved manga characters come to life via animation, live-action series and movies, and how some would even like to be the manga characters — hello, cosplay!

who is she?

who is she?

the spiky yellow hair is a giveaway

the spiky yellow hair is a giveaway

There are more titles in the JFM Library — I am still gathering courage to read Deathnote! 

The JFM LIBRARY is located at the Ground Floor of the Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City.


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