Makoto Sato Talks on Contemporary Japanese Theater

 I haven’t seen a lot of contemporary Japanese theater.

The last one I’ve seen was the play “Yaji and Kita” by the  Kudan Project. JFM organized its performance in 2006 at the Francisco Santiago Hall, BDO Tower (formerly called the Equitable PCI Bank Tower 1).  It was an enjoyable performance which on the surface, seemed like a simple play with only 2 characters, but was in actuality a technically complex production. I remember liking the performances, but couldn’t help wondering if Japanese contemporary theater usually is like being on an acid trip. Or is contemporary theater, in general, a trip to surreality?


 “Tosca”, a collaboration by the Black Tent Theater of Japan and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) was somehow in the same vein as “Yaji and Kita”, in terms of the “incredible” factor, at least to me.

picture of Tosca2007 089

I know I shouldn’t be expecting the somberness of “Death of a Salesman” nor “The Cherry Orchard”, but I sorely need to get fresh perspective on what Japanese, Asian, or at least, what contemporary theater is.

No better person to hear it from than Japanese playwright, Makoto Sato, who will be in Manila for a visit next week. He has a programmed talk on May 20, Wednesday at the CCP Silangan Hall at 5PM, and hopefully it will be a lively discussion as the CCP and the Writers Bloc will be joining in. As it is a JFM activity, it will be free of charge (with coffee, even!)


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